Movement Workshops

One-on-one or group sessions that facilitate healing through movement. Our customized sessions provide a space to examine our physical and emotional relationship with our bodies and the experiences that live within us.
Healing, Exploration, and Individuality are the main goals in these sessions.

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Reclaiming Self is geared to groups or individuals who have faced significant trauma in their life. These workshops are forward facing and enable participants to connect with themselves, make creative choices, and build self-esteem in a safe environment. By the end, participants will feel more autonomous over their bodies and life.

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Embodiment for New Movers is a an opportunity for non-dancers to reconnect with their bodies. At a young age people are socialized out of their bodies. We created these workshops provide tools for individuals to relate their bodies and experiences in a tangible way. These workshops are ideal available for one-on-ones, groups, workplace practices, conferences, and more!

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Performing Vulnerability is a three day series that teaches dancers how to perform heavy topic matters without exploitation or the re-traumatization of self. Each day, dancers will explore movement, acting, and participate in a social justice forum. This will educate dancers on how to perform accurately, vulnerably, and healthily.