BABEL is a dance company that partners with social justice organizations in order to increase the rate of which they make an impact. In an oversaturated media environment, it’s easy for facts and figures to get lost in all the noise. To stand out, those numbers must be humanized, expressed through real stories that effectively capture the complexity of human experience. We make custom made, emotion driven work, whether live or filmed, that social justice groups can then use at their fundraisers, conferences, or on social media in order to translate the pain of injustice when words are not enough.

We provide an innovative story-telling platform to connect audiences to a multitude of causes such as mental health awareness, racial justice, and human trafficking. BABEL uses movement to create an emotionally resonant experience that communicates the heart of a message through empathy and self-discovery. Through the use of live performances, dance films, and outreach, BABEL seeks to bring about deep and lasting change by partnering with advocacy groups, social justice organizations, and nonprofits.


“Throughout my life, I always gravitated towards dance and to outreach. I never questioned why or reflected on what was motivating me. Until I realized what my biggest obstacle was - being misunderstood. A childhood speaking disorder lead me to find new avenues for communication, even when I overcame the challenges of speaking. Dance became my outlet and continues to be the most effective way of communicating my emotions, my deepest self and my passions. I understand what it’s like to feel unheard and this is why I founded BABEL, to provide a new way for people to speak. I care about what we do because I care about the marginalized being fully understood.

My experience has taught me that through dance we transcend language barriers, we demonstrate the intricacy of self and experience intimacy with real people. I would love the opportunity to hear your story, create a piece, share your experience with the world, and make a difference while we're at it.”  -Sarah Panayiotou, Founder & Artistic Director